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All Eco-friendly LED lighting, featured in Montreal Guide of design since its creation, and showcasing all the items you see online, the Alambika store is definitely a destination to stop by on your next trip to Montreal. Pretty much all the cocktail bitters, syrups and garnishes are available for you to sample. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you making your choice, either by helping you to pick the right Japanese knife or selecting the cocktail ingredients that will be a perfect fit for tonight's party. Looking for us? We are right next to   Outremont Metro Station, close to a bus stop, and there is always parking available nearby. There are simply no good excuses not to come see us and taste the best cocktail cherries you'll ever have!


A toy store for everyone who likes to enjoy a glass of fine wine, beer and spirit. This would be a playful and, perhaps, the most straight forward way to describe Alambika. Although admittedly hedonistic, our goal is remains a pragmatic one, namely to create and to have you discover products of such quality that they will increase the pleasure of every bottle, of every cocktail.


Launched in 2012 by Jean-Sébastien Michel, an academic with a huge fascination for alcohol and prohibiton, Alambika quickly became a team project. Our first hiring criteria is to find motivated people with heart. We believe that you can always learn the necessary know-how and that experience can be acquired. But you can't learn devotion and passion. The result? Today, the team of Alambika is the driving force behind our young organization.


Alambika's approach is quite different from other Canadian stores. We aim to offer and to give priority to hand­made products, in the most open and democratic way we can. For that reason, Alambika tries to work directly with producers to offer you a constantly increasing choice of small batch,  high­end quality products, while staying affordable at the same time. Every year we assure a regular income to canadian glassblowers, blacksmiths, woodworkers, designers, confectioners and other local craftsmen.


To be in business is one thing, but it's our passion for what we do that makes the efforts worthwhile. Testimonies from barmen tell us that Alambika has been instrumental of their success by making available a steady stream of high quality ingredients and tools. Also, in addition to our mission to encourage local craftsmen and support the cocktail scene, Alambika established from the start a strict green policy, invests in design (and is mentioned in Montreal's design guide since its beginning), has supported projects such as La Tablée des Chefs and got locally involved into its neighbourhood's revitalization. This, altogether, is just a beginning because, to us, it is obvious that having a successful company means to be in a privileged position to support and improve the community that surrounds us and which makes us live.


  1. Recycling: Systematic recycling or reuse of packaging materials.

  2. Green Products:  We strive to find and develop a range of green products made from recycled or renewable materials. Also, in this context, several projects with local artisans have resulted in organic, renewable and non-industrial means.

  3. Paperless Office:  Minimal use of paper is done in all our operations. When necessary, we use recycled paper. This is also why we put so much emphasis on e-marketing instead of using traditional means.

  4. Environmentally Friendly Packaging:  Use of protective foam and recycled or biodegradable cardboard.

  5. Quality Before Quantity:  By opting for quality, our products are designed to last a long time, thus limiting our impact on landfills.

  6. Grouped I mports:   Whenever possible, our orders from foreign suppliers are streamlined to reduce unnecessary transportation.

  7. Energy-efficient Measures:  Our premises are isolated by using the latest technologies (urethane and double isolated windows), heating was converted to a 99% effective electric option and all our lighting uses LED lights. We are proud to underline that our project was also accepted into the energy efficient buildings program of Hydro-Quebec.


Alambika is a proud partner of prestigious clients, such as the Château Frontenac in Quebec, Montreal's Ritz Carleton or the Four Seasons in Vancouver, but also of about a hundred specialized cocktail bars and restaurants in North America. Our clients are enthusiasts, curious people and bon vivants... just like you!


For us, every cocktail that is garnished with a cherry of quality – and not a fluorescent red and, no doubt, radioactive cherry – is a victory and a step in into a better future. We won't stop realizing our mission, as long as there are still ugly glasses, sweetening with syrups made of modified corn, olives with a taste of nothing and knives as sharp as spoons!

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