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Although Alambika is known by most people for being a pretty red store on a commercial avenue, this is in fact only the tip of the ice cube! Today, we supply hundreds of bars and restaurants across Canada and the USA, from the local cocktail place to prestigious five stars hotels. 

In order to fulfil the special needs of our business customers, Alambika has a full team dedicated to Pro Accounts and a special location to deserve them : our  HQ at 6674 Esplanade avenue, Suite 300 in Montreal. Industry people can set an appointment at to come at our showroom and open an account in person. There you can sample everything you need. This showroom is conveniently located in the heart of Montreal, right in front of SAQ Saint-Zotique ; the lspecial liquor store liscenced to sell liquor to bars and restaurants.  

If coming to Montreal is not practical for you, do not worry! Everything can be done through the internet and phone. We are also big on efficiently packed, breakage free, low cos shipping. Years of mailing bottles and glassware turned us into detail freaks packing machines! 


 1.1  What you are getting with a Pro Account

Becoming an Alambika Pro Customer means getting and having :

  • Important discounts on all our products.
  • Access to larger formats.
  • More payment, pick up and delivery options
  • Access to our PRO ordering portal, making passing orders a breeze
  • Opportunity to visit our showroom to sample hundreds of products
  • Priority on limited editions and hard to get ingredients



 1.2  How to open your account

You simply need to fill those forms and return them either by email, fax or in person. Both are short and to the point. They will allow us to create your profile in our system. The credit card form is necessary to get deliveries.


Return by email :

Return by FAX :  1-888-990-1292





You may not own a bar, but manage a store, a distillery with a gift shop or a fine grocery store and there are many products that  you would be interested in retailing? Fear not, we have exactly what you need. Alambika has a close relationship with a well established distribution company that will help you set up shop. Canada is a large country and there is room for anyone willing to bring something interesting to the game! 

For enquiries regarding retailing, please  send your demands to this address. 


Buy [Q] or more for [E] each
Save :diff!
Buy 6 or more and save 1$ per item
Buy 6 or more and save 2$ per item
Buy 6 or more and save 3$ per item
Buy 2 or more and save 3$ per item
Buy 4 or more and save 0.45$ per item
Buy 12 or more and save 0.70$ per item
Buy 2 or more and save 1.00$ per item
Buy 4 or more and save 1.00$ per item
Buy 2 or more and save 2.00$ per item
Buy 4 or more and save 2.00$ per item
Buy 4 or more and save 3.00$ per item
Buy 2 or more and save 10.00$ per item