10 great reasons to choose Alambika

  • Free Shipping within Canada for transactions above 125$
  • Easy and safe payment methods. Buying on the internet should be as safe and fun as buying a good steak from your favorite butcher. Alambika lets you choose between Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Our SSL certificate, a secure server, and rigorous administrative work can bring you peace of mind. Try to find a butcher that accepts Paypal and lets you bring back a steak after 30 days...
  • Rigorous buying policy. We analyse, test and question our products to be sure we offer well made and high quality items only. If a product doesn't stand up to our expectations, it will soon be removed from our catalogue. Alambika is proud to present a well curated, reliable and thought-out offer.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Simply write us an email to let us know why an item doesn't match your expectations (so we can improve ourselves) and, within thirty days from the initial transaction, you will be able to return it for an exchange or a refund.
  • Customer service. This is not something a business should brag about. Test us, and you shall see for yourself why we included this in out top ten best features list.
  • Support of local craftsmen. Within Alambika's DNA resides a will to support local craftsmen and booze-makers through different endeavours. Buying from us is a way to keep Canadian tradition alive and fun.
  • Unique products. Tired of always seeing the same items everywhere over and over? You are striving for that uber-original gift for the person who owns it all? Well, look no further! Alambika has entered the game for unique pieces.
  • Green Policy. Alambika works hard to limit its environmental footprint in many ways. This includes recycling, limiting waste, responsible paper use, a super modern, all LED-based lighting engineering and much more.
  • An always improving website. Alambika is set to continually improve the efficiency and accessibility of its website. That is why you are now on the newest version of our site. Do not hesitate to send us suggestions and critics.
  • No sales commissions. No middlemen. No hidden fees. Sales commissions are good for businesses but costly and pointless for the customer. As much as possible, Alambika tries to go for the shortest distance between the maker and the consumer in order to let you enjoy competitive pricing.
  • We celebrate quality

    We celebrate quality

    We built this company for ourselves. We use what we sell every day in our homes. We have tested a lot of products and only keep the best ones
    We are more than just a store

    We are more than just a store

    In Alambika people meet, learn and have fun and those are not empty words. We have cocktail classes, our own bar, a showroom, photostudio and our beloved boutique
    We are a community

    We are a community

    For years Alambika has been an attraction point for the people in the industry and cocktail lovers. We are promoting quality beverages and cocktail and mocktail culture

    About Our Boutique

    If you live in Montreal you for sure know about Alambika boutique- a unique place where you can get lost for an hour or two. Everything you see on out website you will find there: look, play, admire, ask and touch- pretty much eveything!

    We are happy to offer you not just a sale but rather an experience: we will answer your questions, suggest best cocktails and mocktails for your special occasion, teach you how to use barware and let you sample bitters and syrups. We want you to leave the store with products that you really need, enjoy and love.