Absinthe Spoon - Skull


This absinthe spoon is quite unique. Designed by Tempus Fugit and made in the USA, this heavy and really high quality absinthe spoon is a modern design inspired by historical events.

Back in the early 1900s, when absinthe was prohibited, strict religious groups and hygienists were sometimes portraying absinthe as a "poison" with bottles showing a skull and crossbones. In a satirical way, some absinthe makers also used these symbols on their products. 

Since real absinthe has no additional sugar in it, spoons are used to hold a sugar cube above the glass while a fountain drips water on it in order to sweeten and dilute the drink. Once sweetened and mixed to your taste, use the spoon to stir the "purée" (old french slang for an absinthe diluted with cold water.)