Bittermens - Choco Mole Bitters


Indulge in the original combination of cacao, cinnamon, and spices with Bittermens' Choco Mole Bitters. Enhance your libations made with dark rum, aged tequila, and other rich, dark spirits for an exquisite experience.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Mole sauces of Mexico, these bitters were initially crafted to perfectly complement aged tequila. However, their versatility shines as they effortlessly elevate aged rum, bourbon, and rye. A mere dash of Choco Mole Bitters brings a new dimension to classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan, while contemporary creations such as The Conference and the Latin Quarter owe their distinctive character to these bitters.

With an alcohol content of 53% by volume, the primary flavors of these bitters are chocolate, cinnamon, and a harmonious blend of spices. Discover the perfect balance of indulgence and complexity in every drop.