Bob's Bitters - Abbott's Bitters


Transport yourself to the early 20th century with Abbott's Bitters by Bob's Bitters. Originally hailing from Baltimore and renowned across America, these bitters have a sweet vanilla flavor that has delighted cocktail enthusiasts for decades.

Recreating the recipe for Abbott's Bitters was no easy feat, as there were no recorded instructions. Bob, in collaboration with mixologist Jake Burger from Portobello Star in London, embarked on a five-year journey of taste testing and experimentation. The result is a reformulated version that captures the essence of the original, incorporating lively peppermint, sweet cinnamon, and a blend of warming spices.

The ultimate test for this bitters was its performance in a Manhattan cocktail. To achieve true excellence, Bob and Jake added one or two secret ingredients, steeped in Scotch whisky. After being meticulously filtered, the bitters are aged for six months in medium-charred American White Oak barrels, resulting in a more rounded flavor with remarkable complexity. This revival of an age-old product brings a distinctive and well-rounded flavor profile to the modern bartender's toolkit.

Experience the timeless allure of Abbott's Bitters and elevate your cocktails with its unique and complex character.