Dashfire - Clove Bitters 100ml


Experience the rich and aromatic essence of clove with Dashfire Clove Bitters. These bitters capture the distinct flavor of the dry, unopened flower bud of the tropical myrtle tree family, allowing you to effortlessly infuse your cocktails with the warm and spicy notes of clove.

Perfect for a variety of cocktails, Dashfire Clove Bitters can be used to enhance the flavors of classics like the East Indian Cocktail, Pisco Sour, Egg Nog, and Brandy Alexander. Just a few drops of these concentrated bitters will impart a delightful complexity and depth to your creations, creating a memorable drinking experience.

Discover the versatility and bold flavor of Dashfire Clove Bitters and elevate your cocktail game with a touch of aromatic spice.