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ingLet us present you this Canadian born star. Actually, it's been around since the 1960s and although it doesn't look like much, it has an amazing taste. In fact, Totem strawberries have been selected by farmers of BC in the mid 20th century to provide the greatest taste at northernmost latitudes. Being also produced in British Columbia, that syrup is sustainable to the environment and tasty like grandma's best jam!


There are several ways one can enjoy the sweetness of Totem Strawberry Syrup.

Cocktails and mocktails: 1 oz of syrup per glass. You can go as simple as the syrup with sparkling water or as creative as building a strawberry Moscow Mule.

Other applications:

  • Pour over ice cream or a yogurt bowl
  • Add a teaspoon into your favourite tea
  • Mix with balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing
  • Add a few drops when plating
  • As a spread for your morning croissant 


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About the Maker


Prosyro is a 100% Canadian company producing high-quality cocktail syrups designed with the professional needs of bartenders in mind. The fruits come from the Okanagan & Niagara valleys, as well as from Quebec's agricultural lands. Most other fruits come from the Americas as well; minimizing transportation costs and the environmental footprint of the drinks.

Prosyro is widely used across bars and restaurants across North America as they provide specific and precise flavor, cut down preparation time, are shelf stable for at least a year even after opening, and are made out of natural ingredients.

The syrups are used by at-home bartenders who want to easily create restaurant-worthy cocktails with great and consistent results and are good for beginners who are at the start of their cocktail and mocktail journey.