Ice Bomb - Whisky


Alambika's Ice Bomb for whiskey is currently causing a little effect on the spirits planet. Locally created with the help of a talented glassblower, the Ice Bomb brings a new level of sophistication and efficiency to whiskey tastings.

This short stem version of our wineglass model has been specially designed for use with the fine spirits glass. Simply leave the Bomb in the freezer for an hour and then, hop, in the glass. The Whiskey Ice Bomb will not cool your precious drink to the point of losing flavor but, on the contrary, will reduce the burning sensation in the nose and on the tongue that too hot alcohol tends to create.

The Short Stem Bomb is also perfect for use in a cocktail glass. Used like this, it's more like a cherry! It is easy to remove from your glass, hygienic, ecological and durable.

Pyrex is a material with excellent impact resistance and withstands large temperature variations very well. The liquid inside is distilled spring water from the north of the province.

The Fine Spirits Glass is sold separately.