Yakami Orchard

Yakami Orchard - Kabosu Juice 375ml


IMPORTANT: ce produit ne peut être expédié en dehors de Montréal entre novembre et février inclus - risque de dommages lors du transport à cause des basses températures 

IMPORTANT : This product cannot be shipped outside of Montreal between the months of NOVEMBER TO FEBRUARY - It can be damaged or explode during transport due to low temperatures.


375ml (12.6oz)

  • Second press
  • Imported from Japan, made from high grade specially selected fruit
  • Replaced lime juice in cocktails



Sought after by chefs and bartenders, these rare Japanese citrus juices are reknown as the highest quality on the market. Yakami Orchard has been run by a family of farmers for four generations, respecting the tradition of Japanese citrus production.